An cultural initiative promoted by Gabriela Campoverde from Crealegis intellectual property law and Nuno Acosta creative strategist from NUNO®Studio. With the special help and know-how of Hugo Gonzenbach from Culto.

At the beginning of 2020, we set out to learn about the artisanal process so that it can be recognized worldwide in fashion festivals for its quality and detail. But the pandemic stopped the project. Today, after months of isolation, the town of Pile is mired in an economic crisis, we know that the commercial promotion project can wait while we release a limited edition of hats whose sale will help to get out of its bad economy. We know that we will have the time to work on your behalf, on your artisan brand, on your future, but today, these hats are for sale to protect your present

My name is Montecristi was born from the desire to change history. It was born from the desire to know the deep Ecuador and enjoy its creative resources.

Nuno and Gabriela founded the Círculo Naranja initiative 10 years ago, recognized by the Caribbean festival with a jury from the IDB Inter-American Development Bank as

the best proposal in the region to encourage the orange economy, its purpose being the development of the creative industry and culture of the Ecuador. One of the key pieces as a country is to grow worldwide with flagship products from the country, which are the denominations of origin, the main and most recognized: the Montecristi toquilla straw hat.

The legend of the badly called Panama hat had caught our attention so we decided to travel to the Montecristi canton to see the place where the best toquilla straw hats in

the world are produced. Hugo was born into a family of connoisseurs of hats. From a young age, he undertook the task of publicizing and helping to commercialize the hats worldwide through his company Culto, which is dedicated to the curation of hats, it works as a bridge between the international buyer and the artisan of Pile.

Pile is a small town of less than 700 inhabitants in the province of Manabí. For generations its inhabitants have had the task of learning and weaving hats in a traditional way. Pile is in the Montecristi canton in the Manabí province in Ecuador. The designation of origin of the hats receives the name of the canton.